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I’m having way too much fun being a real life queer lady to roleplay but if you miss me, please visit me at my personal blog, starlingsongs!

Forgiveness Day by Ursula Le Guin is so endearing I almost can’t bear it. Romantic trysts between an envoy of interstellar alien society and a genderfluid member of an oppressed caste of artists and performers… Oh my!

My chest is hurting again. I can’t even get comfortable enough to sleep.

I don’t suppose there’s anyone out there at this time of night, but if you are, I could use a shoulder to fall asleep upon.

(I’m feeling that itch again. I think it’s time to play Kanaya for a while…)

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The classic. It’s TMI Tuesday somewhere.

Yep. That’s definitely child porn on my dash.

the purge begins.

I followed them all.

I’ve made a huge mistake.

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